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Creating Spaces

A little DIY happened this weekend, and it turned out much better than I expected! I LOVE following DIY home accounts and interior decorators on Instagram, and have gotten so much inspo but never follow through with it.

We don’t have an actual bed— just a flimsy cheap bed frame, and I’ve always wanted to splurge and invest in a piece that will look timeless and last forever, but I haven’t been able to find exactly what I’m looking for.

I've gone back and forth about creating our own headboard, but honestly don't feel motivated enough to do anything like that until we buy our next home. We currently own a townhouse and although it has been a great first investment for us, we are both itching to move on to a single family home with a fenced in yard for Beau and a place where we can see ourselves starting a family eventually. All that to say, I thought maybe having a shelf above our bed would help frame it out a little and bring some more dimension and texture in our master bedroom at a low cost.

I've painted our bedroom 3 times. When we first moved in, it was a weird olivey-greenish color. I painted it gray. But not like a muted gray, it was just a stark, cold gray. Hated it. Our rug was white and gray. Bedding was white. Furniture is off white. It was just bland and wasn't inviting.. so a year later, I eventually repainted it a deep greenish-turquoise color and got a new rug with some vibrant pops of color. And no, Tim didn't give a shit about any of these decisions and couldn't care less about what I wanted to do with our bedroom. Welp, that lasted about a year, until the CoronaVirus made it's presence known and I had some down time to re-do our bedroom, AGAIN. This time, I wanted a creamy light color and would accent the room with earth tones- mainly blues and wood textures. I really believe that the vibe of your bedroom matters most and you should always feel calm and relaxed there out of any rooms in your home. I think I've finally achieved that with some paint, greenery, textured pillows and neutral accents. Nothing too crazy, but for our little townhouse master bedroom, this will do for now!

My Mom grew up in her Dad's shadow (he was a carpenter), and taught her everything he knew. When I told her I wanted to have a shelf above our bed, she was all in! All I needed were some brackets, a board, and wood stain. Simple and low budget?! Sounds great to me! So I ordered these brackets from Amazon, and I bought a premium Pine board from Lowes. I measured the length I wanted the board to be, and my Mom cut it to size. She then sanded it and all of its edges until smooth. I applied a light wood stain that I felt would match the vibe I was going for and luckily, it did! We waited for it to dry and then applied a satin sealant. Once completely dry the next day, she was ready to be installed. We found the studs on the wall above my bed and measured where the brackets needed to be on the board in order to support weight on the shelf. My Mom drilled the brackets into the bottom of the board and then we held it up to see at what height I wanted it to sit. Once decided, nails were drilled through the brackets into the studs. It was just that simple. I'm so happy with it, and can't wait to tackle some other low budget ideas I have in mind for our townhouse.

Instagram is such an incredible outlet for creativity and I love discovering new accounts to follow. If you have any you think I should follow, please let me know!

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